Plus Safety Glasses

This product is one of the most important equipment to save the eyes from the threats, phisycal and chemical impacts and radiation as well.

Plus Safety Visors

It provides the whole protection for nose, mouth and eyes. It is antifog and provides a hundred percent net view. It can be cleaned easily and never has the impact of the sunshine. It has a long life and can be fixed to your face within its clamps.


Plus Safety Sergicial and Protective Masks

The masks used in several industries are being produced in hygienic environments and provided to the World. All our products have the Certificates required by European Standarts.

Plus Safety Aprons

Single use only, microprous, medical and industrial overalls that protect the surgery team together with the patients, have the abilty of breathing, easy use, not to have any pilling and air in. In accordance with the requests of our clients, we can produce any kind of sizes and units.


Plus Safety Strecher and Bad Covers

The strecher covers which are produced for the health institutions are designed for preventing the dirtiness of the strechers and providing a hygienic environment to the patients. It is very easy to implement the covers on the strechers and has the ideal sizes as well, within this, this products provide a practical use to the end users.